Tips For Buying the Best Toothbrush for the Family


Tips-For-Buying-the Best-Toothbrush

When it comes to a toothache , and I believe many people would think of as quickly as a catchy ad : toothache is not a disease , pain is so terrible . While this statement does not fully summarize why we have good teeth , but definitely able to explain the degree of importance of dental health for everyone .

Do you brush your teeth ?

Ensure dental health and precautions are many, but most closely to our daily lives is the most basic daily brushing . Do not ignore this every day we have repetitive behaviors , do you really know how to brush your teeth , brush your teeth , or to say what is best ?

Are electric toothbrushes really necessary ?

In direct answer to whether it is necessary to buy an electric toothbrush this question, let us first look at how to develop an electric toothbrush , I believe this will have a deeper understanding of your electric toothbrush has some help. Then we will use to illustrate the characteristics of an electric toothbrush brushing effect it really better than their own hands brushing with an electric toothbrush , what is hair lazy , or really necessary to go through the motions .

The birth of the electric toothbrush

The world’s first successfully marketed electric toothbrush can be traced back to 1956, the . The toothbrush called Broxodent, by the Swiss invention. In Broxodent electric toothbrush just the interview, because it ‘s much more expensive than regular price toothbrush in it to understand it less and less , the majority of ordinary families are in a wait and see attitude . But the very rich love Broxodent, not because they are better able to know the electric toothbrush to clean the teeth , but for them, the use of this new stuff is a fad , or be able to show their identity or status .
Two years later, the first medical study on the effect of using an electric toothbrush debut , and it clearly tells the world of electric toothbrush to clean teeth better . Americans soon saw the business opportunity in the electric toothbrush above , followed by 1959 electric toothbrush products into the U.S. market. In 1960, GE electric toothbrush on the original design has been improved to make it more lightweight, compact, and for the mass consumer market a cheaper, affordable products , so the electric toothbrush start a big seller .

Electric toothbrush has already experienced up to 56 years of development and improvement, constantly getting better with more convenient process, acceptance of electric toothbrush more and more people , it was confirmed in the daily use of an electric toothbrush indeed brushing can make this thing becomes very simple , in keeping teeth clean , the electric toothbrush is indeed better than yourself brushing effect.

Ordinary electric toothbrush working principle and characteristics

Tips-For-Buying-the Best-Toothbrush-1General electric toothbrush works is quite simple, just like us ordinary toothbrush , electric toothbrush is also relying on physical contact between the brush and tooth stains , rub to clean teeth. But this friction electric toothbrush bristles between the teeth instead of manually generated power , but from faster, more stable electric motor.
Pictured above electric toothbrush decomposition we present a general electric toothbrush which are composed of parts . Our focus as we illustrate several core components. Note 1 is the first electric toothbrush “heart “, and it is a rapidly rotating small motors . Note 2 rotor motor. Change the direction of movement of the rotary motion of the motor occurs comment 3,4,5,6,10,11,12 by other components such as connecting rod , which is transmitted to the notes 7,8 on the brush when the bristles can be before or rotary motion to achieve ” brush” routines.

With an electric motor to drive the bristles for brushing is what good is it ? I believe the following examples will help you to easily find the advantages of an electric toothbrush lies.

If you are surrounded by watches or other timing tool , you can do this test : pretend your hands holding a toothbrush, and then simulate the action of brushing , look within 10 seconds of your wrist back and forth many times events . This figure is then multiplied by 10 , we will be able to get yourself in case of brushing , within a minute number of physical friction toothbrush and tooth occurred. If nothing else , then, can the average person in a minute teeth cleaning action 400-600 times , and if kept at a frequency , I bet most people can not brush arm on the sour one minute , the speed will be many natural attenuation .

Tips-For-Buying-the Best-Toothbrush-2

General electric toothbrush features

So with an electric toothbrush and what kind of effect? Electric toothbrush can easily swipe speeds thousands of times per minute , better electric toothbrushes are generally more than 7000 times. In general, we must adhere to at least two minutes brushing time to achieve the desired effect of oral hygiene , then this short two minutes, touching electric toothbrush bristles and dirt between the teeth , at least the number of friction than yourself extra brushing 10,000 !

In addition, due to the direction of movement of an electric toothbrush , basically constant speed ( of course, in a fully charged condition ) , so that not only the cleaning effect is more dominant , and brushing yourself compared to an electric toothbrush easier to clean teeth joints and other dead ends , and not easily leak somewhere brush teeth.

Sonic electric toothbrush working principle and characteristics

Why do we want to separate out what sonic toothbrush ? Because sonic toothbrush works and general electric toothbrush has a big difference. Sonic toothbrush is not primarily physical friction to help clean the teeth and oral cavity depth , but it also must be driven by electricity , and therefore an electric toothbrush , but is more advanced , more efficient electric toothbrush .

Sonic toothbrush can generate a high -frequency vibration transducer head hidden by the acoustic transducer , an acoustic part of the vibration energy , the vibration frequency is much higher than 20,000 Hz , has reached the level of the ultrasonic wave, beyond the upper limit of human hearing . But did not meet this standard vibration toothbrush sonic toothbrush is common , because the same principle , we will not repeat here introduced .

Tips-For-Buying-the Best-Toothbrush-3
This sonic toothbrush ultrasonic vibration on the one hand, the plaque on the teeth can be , tartar and imperceptible knot石震松even shock loss, on the other hand also in the mouth water , toothpaste and other liquids to produce a cavitation effects. This acoustic cavitation countless tiny bubbles will form , then these bubbles are filled every corner around the teeth , and then burst. The cavitation bubbles generated by sound waves in the form of a burst when the full range of high-pressure shock wave to wash clean the teeth . Of course , this series of reactions are occurring at the moment .

Sonic electric toothbrush features

Sonic toothbrush toothbrush also has a generally does not have the effect , it can be transmitted to the sound vibrations through the teeth inside the tooth , the root portion of the acceleration Xunhua and blood cell metabolism , and thus inhibit periodontitis , bleeding gums effects , long-term use also strong teeth and prevent gum recession .

And conventional electric toothbrush still in the stage of physical friction compared to the sonic toothbrush does have a qualitative change. Because they do not rely on dirt bristles to clean teeth friction , lower sonic toothbrush on oral and dental damage. In addition, acoustic cavitation bubbles can be generated in-depth oral and dental various dead ends , which means that with a sonic toothbrush , brush basically does not leave any less dead .

[ About ] ultrasonic toothbrush with sonic toothbrush
Appearance and principle of ultrasonic toothbrush with sonic toothbrush are very similar , are using a high-frequency vibration to achieve the cleaning effect , but the ultrasonic toothbrush sonic toothbrush is much higher than the nominal frequency . The current high-frequency vibration toothbrush nominal frequency is mainly concentrated in two intervals of : between 200 Hz -700 Hz and 1,000,000 Hz -200 000 Hz. Both are far below or far above the limits of 20,000 Hz ultrasonic , which define the scope of the current ultrasonic toothbrush is very clear that in a second frequency range is ” ultrasonic toothbrush” , a ” sonic toothbrush within the first interval “instead of ” ultrasonic toothbrush . ” Frequency marked areas: sonic toothbrushes are generally marked number of vibrations per minute ( 10000 -40 000 beats / min ) , because it is more accurate, but also to figure looks bigger ; while ultrasonic toothbrush is basically marked Hertz , this is because the order of magnitude too high, marked Hertz more concise , but also appears to be more professional . Most of the market is a sonic toothbrush , frequency 10000 -40000 times / per minute. The effect is good , the price is not expensive . I just used . Braun and Panasonic , Matsushita work better comparison , a finer brush , but a longer battery charging time shorter.

Indeed it is necessary to use an electric toothbrush

After the reading of the ordinary electric toothbrush, sonic toothbrush works, features introduced , whether it is necessary to try an electric toothbrush this problem is not obvious yet ? If you still can not convince us there is a general data on the effect of using an electric toothbrush statistics:

  •  Use an electric toothbrush to clean plaque than a manual toothbrush at least 2 times higher than the effect .
  •  The case of using the electric toothbrush will reduce bleeding gums least about 30% -60 % .
  •  Use sonic toothbrush can reduce bleeding gums case more than 60% .
  •  Electric toothbrush better than a manual toothbrush to clean the plaque , the gap between the teeth to remove plaque effect 70% higher .
  •  Use an electric toothbrush can be reduced by at least 40% of the whole mouth plaque .

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