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The first and the biggest reason to have receding gums one is age; if you’re above 40, you’re likely to get it. The other reason is bad oral hygiene. If you don’t floss or skip brushing, chances of getting serious periodontal diseases are high. And that’s what receding gums are a symptom of.

They are a sign of periodontal disease, which means if you start experiencing problems with your teeth, like loose teeth or bleeding gums, the worse is yet to come. The most unfortunate news is that gums cannot grow back. They stay like that and the only way to get them back is by a gum graft surgery. The other thing is, receding gums can also occur due to harsh brushing. This causes the enamel to corrode and the gums to get injured.

When it occurs, the gum line that surrounds the teeth starts to expose more of the tooth as it wears away. Receding gums are considered to be one of the early signs of gum disease. However, there’re ways to treat and reverse the gum recession. One of the ways is to switch to an electric toothbrush and to help you find the right one we have created this best electric toothbrush for receding gums review. Some of the electric toothbrushes are equipped with a pressure sensor that alerts the person each time too much pressure is applied. Electric toothbrushes also help to stick with correct brushing technique.To treat receding gums you not only need to change your toothbrush but also change the way you brush.

If you’re changing the toothbrush it’s better to find one that comes with softer bristles, as the hard bristles can only aggravate the problem. Also instead of manual flossing in the case of receding gums a good alternative would be a water flosser. One of the best ones for this is the Waterpik Ultra water flosser.

The best toothbrushes for receding gums are made by the most popular brands: Sonicare  are effective and have their benefits.

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This is one of the best electric toothbrushes in the Sonicare line. It features the patented sonic technology, the sweeping motions of which drive fluids along your gum line helping to stimulate them. Its 31,000 brush strokes per minute also help to drive fluids deep between the teeth to effectively remove plaque even from tight spaces. Its useful features make it the best electric toothbrush for treating receding gums.

Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean electric toothbrush is designed to improve the health of the gums in just 2 weeks. It’s got 5 different modes. For those who have receding gums, it offers the Gum Care and Sensitive modes. The Gum Care is provided for 3 minute brushing to improve gingival health. The Sensitive mode works with a more gentle motion of the brush, making it suitable for those who have sensitive teeth and helping with gingival health.

It comes with 2 brush heads, a travel case with a USB charger, and a charging glass with a multi-voltage base.


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Are you looking to buy an electronic toothbrush? Look no further as I will like to share my experiences of using the Philips Sonicare Essence Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush. I’ve had this electric toothbrush model for just over a year and it definitely hasn’t disappointed.
The Essence 5600 (HX5610) is a mid-range model – coming in at just under $60 and  has a special angled neck, very soft contoured bristles. With the Sonic patented technology, this toothbrush gently removes plaque in areas hard to reach. Because the Philips essence power brush is made for easy use, it has an easy-start feature. You will acclimate to the Sonicare experience with this feature.That is not all; the two-minute timer makes sure you have brushed your teeth to the full.


Benefits of Philips Sonicare

First, it does its job of getting your teeth meticulously clean .

With the powerful sonic technology, the Philips 5600 power toothbrush brushes teeth with a speed of up to 31,000 movements per minute. This produces a sweeping motion driving the fluids deep into tight space areas of the teeth and along the gums. Thus, you are guaranteed of a cleaner healthy mouth in the end.

Second,Comfortable to use with the contoured, angled neck bristles.
Talk of comfort when brushing your teeth, this model, with its unique angled neck and contoured bristles gives comfort. The bristles are made in correspondence to the natural shape of your teeth. The bristles are uniquely made to produce an extensive comfortable clean.

Easy to brush
It is now easy to brush your teeth. When using this product, you only apply small pressure. This is because most of the work is done by the brush! After the first 12 uses, the easy start feature increases the power of the toothbrush. This is smart technology. Sometimes when brushing your teeth you tend to speed. The smarttimer is meant to keep you on track by ensuring you brush your teeth for a full two minutes. This is the time dental professionals recommend. To pause brushing during the two minute cycle use the power button. The smarttimer picks up from where you left if you press the power button again within 30 seconds.

Rechargeable power
The toothbrush has a rechargeable power system that lasts up to two weeks of typical use after a full 24 hour charge. To show you remaining power, it has a recharge indicator on the brush display. When travelling, you have the convenience of leaving its charge at home.

Easy to Start and Timer feature

The speed bristle motion combined with the dynamic cleaning of the Essence 5600 electric toothbrush guarantees effective brushing by just applying light pressure. The timer feature sets the brushing time to two minutes as recommended by dentists for optimum cleaning. The timer automatically shuts off after the cleaning cycle.

Where to buy and read more reviews:

The Philips Sonicare HX5610 Essence 5600 Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush can be purchased through various online stores like Amazon and WalMart or you can purchase them from most street stores. You can read more in-depth reviews of the product on Amazon website and many other online stores that sell this product.

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