Kolibree Smart Toothbrush Can Let The Kids Play Games While Brushing


When it comes to children, most would rather play a game than brush their teeth. Dentists recommend brushing for at least two minutes, twice a day, and most parents know the struggle of getting a child to do this.

The Kolibree sonic toothbrush with 3D motion sensors makes toothbrushing easier. Connected via Bluetooth to the Kolibree mobile phone app (FREE from the App Store and Google Play), kids can play as they brush, while parents get real-time feedback on brushing habits and progress.

Kolibree Smart Toothbrush Can Let The Kids Play Games While Brushing

The Go Pirate game on the Kolibree app leads the user down the plank toward the treasure chest. A child picks up game coins along the way for brushing in the right places and for the right amount of time.

Brush longer, not harder.
The Kolibree connected toothbrush, with its soft, rounded bristles, was developed with the support of dentists who know that brushing too hard can damage the gums. The sonic (vibrating) brush head gently and effectively removes plaque and bacteria to help prevent cavities and gum irritation.

Kolibree Index will bring together regularity, quality and frequency enabling the user to keep tabs on their dental hygiene habits. With Check Up they can see a quick visual view of the areas they have missed, and the app also lets them set Reminders so that they remember to brush at least twice a day.

There’s even an offline mode now which lets users sync data later when they have the time for it, for example they can keep brushing twice a day but only sync data with the app twice in one week.

The new Kolibree smart toothbrush is now cheaper at $149 and the Go Pirate 2 game and personalized Coach features are available for the iPhone. Android will get the updates later this year.


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