Best Electric Toothbrush—What Features Must You Look for?


The electric tooth brush has gained a fair amount of publicity in recent times, mainly because people have started using it in considerable measure. The convenience is definitely an incentive, but then there are people who think whether they are really better off with a manual toothbrush, and whether they aren’t .

maintaining the health of their teeth better with the latter. So, are our traditional toothbrushes really the best ones?

There is no evidence of either kind of tooth brush being the better one. Manual toothbrushes may be better, but that actually depends on how the person uses it. Dental hygienists claim that 9 in 10 persons use their toothbrushes in an ineffective manner, and considering that, the electric tooth brush actually becomes a better option. With these automatic toothbrushes, most of the work of brushing depends on the AI of the tooth brush, which means that even if the person isn’t using the brush properly, the device itself has the intelligence to do a good job.

Various modes are inbuilt into electric toothbrushes, such as oscillatory, rotational and pulsating. You can select whichever mode suits you best. The pulses are quite large in frequency—400 a second—which means the devices are really doing a good job. Some of the recent toothbrushes, such as the Oral B Triumph 9900 have their own pressure sensors which alert you if you aren’t holding the tooth brush with the right kind of pressure.

All these toothbrushes have a complete set of instructions on them, which guide you in using them most effectively. Normally, we brush our teeth for 2 minutes each time, twice a day. We use the electric toothbrushes for the same duration as well. However, since these have better motion and performance, they pack much more punch in those 2 minutes. In fact, some of the best electric toothbrushes have a timer that tell you when you are done.

The one deterrent for people in buying an electric tooth brush is the price. These may cost a hundred times more than the manual one. But then, there’s something you have to consider. Manual toothbrushes need to be thrown after a few weeks of use, but you can use an electric toothbrush for a very long time. Even after it seems to be worn out, all you have to do is to replace the head, which is a very inexpensive affair.

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