There are several toothbrushes from Braun Oral B, most of which have become very popular. One of the best things about the products from this company is that they are made for all kinds of budgets. Here we are going to see some products from Braun Oral B which have got the best electric toothbrush ratings at present.

The Oral B Triumph 9400 is the best rated product from their oeuvre. This toothbrush is found by dental hygiene experts to be able in removing more than 99% of plaque deposited on the teeth with its new technology known as the Deep Clean mode. The toothbrush has another technology known as Smart Guide, which helps it to navigate even the most inaccessible areas of the mouth. It has pressure sensors as well, another new development from the company, which tells the user whether or not the right kind of pressure is being applied on the teeth. This is indicated through a visual alert.

Some other features with this Oral B toothbrush are that it gives an alert when its head needs replacing and that it has 4 different cleaning modes, which are known as Daily Clean (the regular mode), Sensitive Clean (for people with sensitive teeth and gums), Deep Clean (for thorough cleaning, the most intense mode) and Whitening.

Next in line is the Oral B Professional Care. This has the SmartGuide technology as well. It is best known for its pulsation mode, which with 40 thousand pulsations a minute can clean even the most obstinate plaque deposition from the teeth. These toothbrushes have the patented pressure sensing technology as well. There are alerts when the head needs to be changed, another common feature across most Braun toothbrushes.

The Oral B Advance Power products also enjoy some of the best electric toothbrush ratings in the market today. They are especially known for a very different kind of navigability through their special oscillating and rotating technology. People who are looking for a very thorough cleaning and whiter teeth usually become quite happy when they use a toothbrush from this series.

Two of the most helpful feature of these Oral B toothbrushes is that they are resistant to water and that they have a timer which tell you when your brushing is done.

The Oral B Cross Action toothbrush also has good electric toothbrush ratings. This toothbrush helps whiten teeth and has an action cup attachment on its head which is meant to retain the toothpaste on it and slowly dispense it as the brushing continues. The toothbrush is quite aggressive on plaque as well.


Tips-For-Buying-the Best-Toothbrush

When it comes to a toothache , and I believe many people would think of as quickly as a catchy ad : toothache is not a disease , pain is so terrible . While this statement does not fully summarize why we have good teeth , but definitely able to explain the degree of importance of dental health for everyone .

Do you brush your teeth ?

Ensure dental health and precautions are many, but most closely to our daily lives is the most basic daily brushing . Do not ignore this every day we have repetitive behaviors , do you really know how to brush your teeth , brush your teeth , or to say what is best ?

Are electric toothbrushes really necessary ?

In direct answer to whether it is necessary to buy an electric toothbrush this question, let us first look at how to develop an electric toothbrush , I believe this will have a deeper understanding of your electric toothbrush has some help. Then we will use to illustrate the characteristics of an electric toothbrush brushing effect it really better than their own hands brushing with an electric toothbrush , what is hair lazy , or really necessary to go through the motions .

The birth of the electric toothbrush

The world’s first successfully marketed electric toothbrush can be traced back to 1956, the . The toothbrush called Broxodent, by the Swiss invention. In Broxodent electric toothbrush just the interview, because it ‘s much more expensive than regular price toothbrush in it to understand it less and less , the majority of ordinary families are in a wait and see attitude . But the very rich love Broxodent, not because they are better able to know the electric toothbrush to clean the teeth , but for them, the use of this new stuff is a fad , or be able to show their identity or status .
Two years later, the first medical study on the effect of using an electric toothbrush debut , and it clearly tells the world of electric toothbrush to clean teeth better . Americans soon saw the business opportunity in the electric toothbrush above , followed by 1959 electric toothbrush products into the U.S. market. In 1960, GE electric toothbrush on the original design has been improved to make it more lightweight, compact, and for the mass consumer market a cheaper, affordable products , so the electric toothbrush start a big seller .

Electric toothbrush has already experienced up to 56 years of development and improvement, constantly getting better with more convenient process, acceptance of electric toothbrush more and more people , it was confirmed in the daily use of an electric toothbrush indeed brushing can make this thing becomes very simple , in keeping teeth clean , the electric toothbrush is indeed better than yourself brushing effect.

Ordinary electric toothbrush working principle and characteristics

Tips-For-Buying-the Best-Toothbrush-1General electric toothbrush works is quite simple, just like us ordinary toothbrush , electric toothbrush is also relying on physical contact between the brush and tooth stains , rub to clean teeth. But this friction electric toothbrush bristles between the teeth instead of manually generated power , but from faster, more stable electric motor.
Pictured above electric toothbrush decomposition we present a general electric toothbrush which are composed of parts . Our focus as we illustrate several core components. Note 1 is the first electric toothbrush “heart “, and it is a rapidly rotating small motors . Note 2 rotor motor. Change the direction of movement of the rotary motion of the motor occurs comment 3,4,5,6,10,11,12 by other components such as connecting rod , which is transmitted to the notes 7,8 on the brush when the bristles can be before or rotary motion to achieve ” brush” routines.

With an electric motor to drive the bristles for brushing is what good is it ? I believe the following examples will help you to easily find the advantages of an electric toothbrush lies.

If you are surrounded by watches or other timing tool , you can do this test : pretend your hands holding a toothbrush, and then simulate the action of brushing , look within 10 seconds of your wrist back and forth many times events . This figure is then multiplied by 10 , we will be able to get yourself in case of brushing , within a minute number of physical friction toothbrush and tooth occurred. If nothing else , then, can the average person in a minute teeth cleaning action 400-600 times , and if kept at a frequency , I bet most people can not brush arm on the sour one minute , the speed will be many natural attenuation .

Tips-For-Buying-the Best-Toothbrush-2

General electric toothbrush features

So with an electric toothbrush and what kind of effect? Electric toothbrush can easily swipe speeds thousands of times per minute , better electric toothbrushes are generally more than 7000 times. In general, we must adhere to at least two minutes brushing time to achieve the desired effect of oral hygiene , then this short two minutes, touching electric toothbrush bristles and dirt between the teeth , at least the number of friction than yourself extra brushing 10,000 !

In addition, due to the direction of movement of an electric toothbrush , basically constant speed ( of course, in a fully charged condition ) , so that not only the cleaning effect is more dominant , and brushing yourself compared to an electric toothbrush easier to clean teeth joints and other dead ends , and not easily leak somewhere brush teeth.

Sonic electric toothbrush working principle and characteristics

Why do we want to separate out what sonic toothbrush ? Because sonic toothbrush works and general electric toothbrush has a big difference. Sonic toothbrush is not primarily physical friction to help clean the teeth and oral cavity depth , but it also must be driven by electricity , and therefore an electric toothbrush , but is more advanced , more efficient electric toothbrush .

Sonic toothbrush can generate a high -frequency vibration transducer head hidden by the acoustic transducer , an acoustic part of the vibration energy , the vibration frequency is much higher than 20,000 Hz , has reached the level of the ultrasonic wave, beyond the upper limit of human hearing . But did not meet this standard vibration toothbrush sonic toothbrush is common , because the same principle , we will not repeat here introduced .

Tips-For-Buying-the Best-Toothbrush-3
This sonic toothbrush ultrasonic vibration on the one hand, the plaque on the teeth can be , tartar and imperceptible knot石震松even shock loss, on the other hand also in the mouth water , toothpaste and other liquids to produce a cavitation effects. This acoustic cavitation countless tiny bubbles will form , then these bubbles are filled every corner around the teeth , and then burst. The cavitation bubbles generated by sound waves in the form of a burst when the full range of high-pressure shock wave to wash clean the teeth . Of course , this series of reactions are occurring at the moment .

Sonic electric toothbrush features

Sonic toothbrush toothbrush also has a generally does not have the effect , it can be transmitted to the sound vibrations through the teeth inside the tooth , the root portion of the acceleration Xunhua and blood cell metabolism , and thus inhibit periodontitis , bleeding gums effects , long-term use also strong teeth and prevent gum recession .

And conventional electric toothbrush still in the stage of physical friction compared to the sonic toothbrush does have a qualitative change. Because they do not rely on dirt bristles to clean teeth friction , lower sonic toothbrush on oral and dental damage. In addition, acoustic cavitation bubbles can be generated in-depth oral and dental various dead ends , which means that with a sonic toothbrush , brush basically does not leave any less dead .

[ About ] ultrasonic toothbrush with sonic toothbrush
Appearance and principle of ultrasonic toothbrush with sonic toothbrush are very similar , are using a high-frequency vibration to achieve the cleaning effect , but the ultrasonic toothbrush sonic toothbrush is much higher than the nominal frequency . The current high-frequency vibration toothbrush nominal frequency is mainly concentrated in two intervals of : between 200 Hz -700 Hz and 1,000,000 Hz -200 000 Hz. Both are far below or far above the limits of 20,000 Hz ultrasonic , which define the scope of the current ultrasonic toothbrush is very clear that in a second frequency range is ” ultrasonic toothbrush” , a ” sonic toothbrush within the first interval “instead of ” ultrasonic toothbrush . ” Frequency marked areas: sonic toothbrushes are generally marked number of vibrations per minute ( 10000 -40 000 beats / min ) , because it is more accurate, but also to figure looks bigger ; while ultrasonic toothbrush is basically marked Hertz , this is because the order of magnitude too high, marked Hertz more concise , but also appears to be more professional . Most of the market is a sonic toothbrush , frequency 10000 -40000 times / per minute. The effect is good , the price is not expensive . I just used . Braun and Panasonic , Matsushita work better comparison , a finer brush , but a longer battery charging time shorter.

Indeed it is necessary to use an electric toothbrush

After the reading of the ordinary electric toothbrush, sonic toothbrush works, features introduced , whether it is necessary to try an electric toothbrush this problem is not obvious yet ? If you still can not convince us there is a general data on the effect of using an electric toothbrush statistics:

  •  Use an electric toothbrush to clean plaque than a manual toothbrush at least 2 times higher than the effect .
  •  The case of using the electric toothbrush will reduce bleeding gums least about 30% -60 % .
  •  Use sonic toothbrush can reduce bleeding gums case more than 60% .
  •  Electric toothbrush better than a manual toothbrush to clean the plaque , the gap between the teeth to remove plaque effect 70% higher .
  •  Use an electric toothbrush can be reduced by at least 40% of the whole mouth plaque .

As you’ve seen in the list, we do have some concerns about Oral-B Professional Care 1000 Electric Toothbrush.


Solid and very ergonomic design
Minimalist charger adds cleaner look
So many brush head optionsOral-B-Professional-1000-Review

Powerful and eco-friendly battery
Indicator lights upon charging

Charging and Base

As far as the charging goes the brush just sits on the little charging dock and charges wirelessly which is really nice. It’s not really a brush that you could take with you on the go without bringing the charger unless you will only be gone for a short period of time.

The base itself is kind of small and relatively light so if you want to have it placed in a spot other right at the edge of the sink the thickness and weight of the cord itself pull the base.

Effect on Teeth Cleanliness

The brush is gentle enough to use on sensitive teeth and includes a convenient pressure sensor. If the sensor detects that you are brushing too hard, pulsations will stop to prevent discomfort and damage. The color on the Indicator Bristles on the brush head fade away over time to indicate when it’s time to replace the brush head. On average, the brush head will need to be replaced every three months. Although the Oral-B Professional Healthy Clean Precision 1000 is a low-cost model, it is compatible with the entire line of Oral-B brush heads. See other great features here.

Best Cheap Electric Toothbrush

This is one of the first real popular models of the cordless electric toothbrush.
For a budget electronic brush, this model comes equipped with quite a few features you would expect to find on high-end brushes. For starters, it offers a daily cleaning mode with a standard two minute timer. In addition, the brush boasts a battery life of 7 days, which is ideal for both travelers and everyday users.

Price Watch: For a limited time Amazon is offering an amazing price which includes free shipping on the

Oral-B Professional Healthy Clean Precision 1000 Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush  for a limited time.

Amazon.com: $64.99   




Flossing and brushing can now be easily accomplished with Waterpik WP-900 Water Flosser and Sonic Toothbrush Complete Care . The most interesting feature of the Waterpik WP-900 is not actually the electric toothbrush but the water pick that comes along with it. This machine is basically a dental floss and a plague remover that works only on the principle of water pressure.


The easy and more effective alternative. Recent studies show that a Waterpik water flosser can be up to 50% more effective than traditional dental floss in removing plaque.
The sonic toothbrush is also clinically proven to be up to 29% more effective in plaque removal and maintaining gum health compared to the competition’s Sonicare Flexcare system.


  • Five Water Flosser Jet Tips
  • Can be used with your favorite mouthwash
  • Advanced pressure control system with ten pressure settings
  • High-volume, covered reservoir – 90+ seconds of water capacity
  • Hygienic Storage – Covered tip and brush head compartment holds five accessories
  • Contemporary, compact design
  • Two Sensonic brush heads with extra soft, end-rounded bristles
  • 2 Minute timer
  • 30 Second quadrant pacer
  • Dual speed control on handle
  • Deluxe recharge indicator gauge
  • Premium toothbrush travel case
  • Two-year warranty



The classic jet tips are excellent in cleaning deep between the teeth as well as below the gum line. The Plaque Seeker tip has three thin bristle tufts to remove stubborn plaque, which is especially handy for cleaning implants, bridges, crowns and veneers. It can remove plaque in hard-to-reach areas especially around braces, wires and other orthodontic appliances.

Waterpik-WP900-Flosser-and-Sonic-Care-ToothbrushWater flossing is pain-free, unlike traditional dental flossing. The adjustable settings and soft rubber tips also make gentler rinsing possible. Users have also observed healthier gums in as little as two weeks of use. So no more bleeding gums.

It is easy to set up. The dual speed control, recharge indicator and the timer also make it easy to use.

The contemporary design is perfect for modern bathrooms, and it does not take up too much counter space. You could also bring it with you on trips, thanks to the travel case. The package is also backed by a two-year warranty so you are assured that you’d really get your money’s worth.



The Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean Black electric toothbrush looks great on a bathroom shelf, and that’s not least of all down to some premium extras thrown in. This rechargeable power toothbrush offers Sonicare’s best plaque removal and whitening system, featuring patented Sonic technology and brush heads with diamond-shaped bristles that gently brush away plaque. Five cleaning modes provide a custom cleaning experience, and the Smartimer and Quadpacer ensure you brush adequately and evenly. For your convenience, DiamondClean includes a sleek charging glass and a USB charging travel case.

How does it work? What are the benefits?

Philips' Sonicare system falls into the latter category, promising the equivalent of 31,000 brush strokes per minute with its patented diamond-shaped bristles.

Philips’ Sonicare system falls into the latter category, promising the equivalent of 31,000 brush strokes per minute with its patented diamond-shaped bristles.

Proven to improve oral health

  • Removes up to 100% more plaque, 5x more than a manual toothbrush
  • Provides a superior clean with a dynamic cleaning action that drives fluid between teeth
  • Sonicare’s unique dynamic action gently and effectively reaches deep between teeth and along the gumline
  • Improves gum health in only two weeks

Gentle brushing action provides optimal cleaning between teeth and along the gumline which helps prevent gum recession
This may be the most useful especially for those with sensitive teeth and gums like myself who found themselves going back to a standard toothbrush after a rough handling from other electric toothbrushes.


Unlike most brushes, there are five modes to choose from on the DiamondClean. The default is “Clean” with a simple two-minute brush, while “White” adds an extra thirty seconds on top for you to give the front teeth some extra attention. “Polish” is a minute session of intensive front-teeth buffing, while “Gum Care” pairs the “Clean” experience with a further minute of gentler gum massage. Finally, “Sensitive” ramps down the enthusiasm of the Sonicare system for those with sensitive teeth and gums. Pressing the power button cycles through each mode in turn, then shuts the toothbrush off.
We’re not going to delve into the science about how these differ or why they’re “better” than conventional brushing, as a lot of it is based on feeling. And that proper clean feeling after brushing is great.

Other features such as a timer that indicates when to move to the next section of your mouth and then automatically turns the brush off when you’re done really made a noticeable difference to our teeth-cleaning habits.

Dual charging system

Featuring a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery, Philips Sonicare Diamondclean toothbrush lasts up to three weeks (or 42 uses) on a single charge.

Charger glass – Simply place your Philips Sonicare electric toothbrush in the glass to charge. Can also be used to rinse your mouth after brushing.

The Philips Sonicare DiamondClean  comes with a glass cup charger.Cool!

The Philips Sonicare DiamondClean comes with a glass cup charger.Cool!

Sonicare’s unique charging glass features the latest in conduction technology as it charges the toothbrush while resting in the glass, which can also be used for mouth rinsing after removing it from the base.

Charging travel case – Connects to your laptop via USB or can be charged by wall outlet. Allows you to take your Philips Sonicare rechargeable sonic toothbrush anywhere and everywhere.

Worth to Buy?

Use Philips Sonicare DiamondClean for 28 days and if you are not 100 percent satisfied for any reason, we’ll give you a full refund. Philips Sonicare DiamondClean is backed by a two-year limited warranty.


Newer electric toothbrushes do offer distinct advantages over your standard toothbrush that may justify its higher price. The results Philips Diamondclean means less trips to the dentist, longtime savings, and guarantees healthier teeth. This might as well be one of the best investments you can make for your oral health.


The Oral-B Professional Healthy Clean Precision 5000 is one of the top-rated electric toothbrushes on the market. It features a patented “deep cleaning” mode which claims to rid your mouth of up to 99.7% of plaque buildup, including all areas that are difficult to reach with a regular toothbrush. If you happen to be buying this Oral-B Smart series 5000 Electric Toothbrush, this review will likely help you understand it better.Oral-B-Professional-Precision-5000-Review


  • 40,000 pulsations and 8,800 oscillations to break up plaque and provide the ultimate in oral health.
  • Pressure indicator to ensure proper brushing pressure.
  • SmartGuide teaches better brushing habits.
  • Wide choice of brush heads to customize your brushing experience.
  • 5 Cleaning modes for optimal cleaning and oral health.
  • Wireless Smart Guide
  • Various speed settings for different brushing purposes
  • Preset timer


  • Heavy
  • Requires learning curve
    60-day Money Back Guarantee and 2-Year Limited Warranty for replacement or repair of product. (Full details inside of pack.)

Superior Cleaning Power

The Oral B Professional 5000 Electric Toothbrush was designed to provide up to 40,000 pulsations per minute to give users the ultimate whitening and plaque removal available outside a dentist’s office.  The rechargeable toothbrush handle is ergonomically designed, waterproof and durable.  It includes a battery level LED display that is simple and easy to read.  The Oral B Professional 5000 includes five different brushing modes for the perfect brushing experience every day: Daily Clean, Sensitive, Polish, Deep Clean, and Massage.

Enhanced Brushing

The Oral B Professional 5000 includes the unique wireless SmartGuide to assist you in brushing properly, as recommended by dentists.  It comes with a quadrant guide timer that will help you brush for a minimum of two minutes, while ensuring that you adequately brush in each quadrant of your mouth.  It also lights up to let you know when you are brushing too hard.  Brushing too hard can wear out the enamel on your teeth and actually lead to increased tooth decay and cavities.  The SmartGuide will help you avoid this problem.  In addition, you can mount the SmartGuide on your wall for added convenience.

Improved Brush Heads

You can use your Oral B Professional 5000 with a wide range of Oral B toothbrush heads, allowing you to customize your electric toothbrush for your specific needs.  Choose from heads for whitening, sensitive teeth, enhanced cleaning, gum care, and much more.  In addition, each Oral B electric toothbrush head comes with Indicator bristles designed to fade gradually and advise you when the brush head is ready for replacement.  You can expect approximately 3 months daily use from a brush head.

How Well Does The Oral-B Professional  Precision 5000 Work?

If you’ve never used a high-quality electric toothbrush before, you’re in for a treat. The first time you use it you will definitely notice how much cleaner your mouth feels. You can tell that you’re getting a much closer clean than with a standard toothbrush, or even compared to other, cheaper electric toothbrushes on the market.

Ease of Use

Slight learning curve required. The Oral-B Precision 5000 is loaded with features that owners say make it easy and enjoyable to use.
The toothbrush is also travel-friendly — it comes with a travel case and portable charger.


Do not use on children under age of 3. Replace brush head every 3 months or sooner if brush head becomes worn.

Now order this Oral-B SmartSeries 5000 and start brushing teeth with Best Electric Toothbrush.


The Philips Sonicare FlexCare Plus HX6972 is another of the best-selling electric toothbrushes on the market today. It comes with everything you need for a complete oral care.Philips-Sonicare-FlexCare-Plus-HX6972-Review

Philips Sonicare FlexCare Plus HX6972 Product Features

  • Improve gun health within two weeks with the “Gum Care” mode
  • Decreases gum bleeding and help prevent gum recession
  • Brush head removes plaque along the gum line
  • Patented sonic technology drives fluid to stimulate gums
  • Includes a UV sanitizer which will kill 99 percent of bacteria and viruses from your brush head
  • Rechargeable. A single charge will last up to three weeks

The Philips Sonicare HX6972 FlexCare is a rechargeable toothbrush that comes in five brushing modes which will remove plaque deep between teeth and alone the gum line to decrease the risk of getting gingivitis. Also, you will improve your gum health within a two week period. This HX6972 model also comes with back lighting which indicates your brushing mode and a UV brush-head sanitizer which will kill up to 99 percent of bacteria and viruses from the Sonicare brush head.

Price Alert: For a limited time Amazon.com is offering free shipping and a discounted price on the Philips Sonicare FlexCare Plus HX6972. This price won’t be around forever, so take advantage of this offer while it’s available.

How Well Does The Sonicare Flexcare Plus HX6972 Work?

Like most high-end electric toothbrushes, the FlexCare Plus HX6972 has a two minute timer split up into 30-second intervals for each quadrant of the mouth, helping you make sure you clean each area sufficiently. The unit simply pulses when it’s time to switch to another area of the mouth.

There are five modes to choose from when operating the toothbrush, which include: Clean, Gum Care, Refresh, Sensitive, and Massage, and the operation is much more user friendly than previous models. You’ll probably mostly stick to the standard Clean mode, but the Sensitive mode is great for those with sensitive gums, and the Gum Care mode, as I described earlier, is great for making sure your gums are properly cleaned.

The HX6972 UV Sanitizer Cleanses Your Brush Heads

I want to bring special attention to the UV head sanitizer included with this particular Sonicare HX6972 model. Built into the charger is the UV sanitizer, which cleans bacteria from your brush which in turn keeps it out of your mouth. You simply place the brush heads in the sanitizer and it will begin a 10-minute cycle that cleanses them, automatically turning off after completion.

The HX6972 also includes travel caps for the brush heads, which is also great for those worried about cleanliness of their brush heads, especially when travelling.

Philips Sonicare HX6972 FlexCare Plus Review

I’ve been a fan of the Philips Sonicare for years and I’ve had the HX6972 FlexCare plus model for a few months now and It’s definitely the best model at the moment.
This is a high-end electric toothbrush, and it shows. It’s one of the best-selling and most popular electric toothbrushes available today, and enjoys great reviews across the internet.


Great cleaning funtionality, especially around the gumline
UV Sanitizer works well for cleaning bacteria from the brush heads
Many improvements over previous model
Comes with travel case and sanitary head caps
Much quieter than other electric toothbrushes


Slightly expensive, but then again, you get what you pay for
UV Sanitizer light is a bit bright, which could be annoying


When it comes to choosing the best electric toothbrush, you may be wondering what to look for. Because of this, we’ve taken the time to write a detailed buyer’s guide that explains these features, and will hopefully get an idea of the type of electric toothbrush that’s right for you.

Most mid and high end electric toothbrushes have built-in features that you may not be familiar with. It’s important that you understand what’s available on the market so that you can make the best informed decision when it comes to choosing the best electric toothbrush for you. Below is an explanation of the features you can expect to find when reading our electric toothbrush reviews.

  • Brushing Timer – Almost all of the mid and high-range electric toothbrushes available have a built-in timer to let you know when you’ve brushed your teeth long enough. Dentists recommend brushing for two minutes and some electric toothbrushes will have a simple two-minute timer that will shut the brush off or pulse to signal when those two minutes are up. Others will have 30-second timers that will pulse every 30 seconds so that you will brush each quadrant (upper left, upper right, lower left, lower right) for an equal 30 seconds. I would suggest purchasing an electric toothbrush with a timer, as this is a very handy feature.
  • Pressure Sensor – When people are first introduced to electric toothbrushes, they may find that they brush too hard, which is not good for teeth and may cause gum bleeding. The top electric toothbrush manufacturers have taken this into consideration, and many models will feature a pressure sensor that will let you know when you’re applying too much pressure.
  • UV Sanitizer Some high-end electric toothbrush models feature a UV sanitizer, a device that utilizes UV light to kill bacteria and germs which build up on your toothbrush. If cleanliness is a concern for you, and it should be, a UV Sanitizer is a great feature to have in an electric toothbrush. Models like the Philips Sonicare FlexCare Plus HX6972 come with UV sanitizers, and may be of interest to you.
  • Rechargeable Battery – Most of the mid and high-range electric toothbrushes have built-in rechargeable batteries. This can either be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how you’re going to be using your electric toothbrush. For example, if you’re going to only be using it at home and during short trips, a built-in rechargeable battery is far better, as it saves a lot of money in the long run. However, if you’re going to be going on camping trips often, or to places that don’t have easily-accessible power outlets, you might want to consider an electric toothbrush that takes external AA batteries. This can be a much more convenient option if power won’t be readily accessible, as you can simple put fresh batteries into the brush handle when the old ones run down.
  • Interchangeable and Unique Brush Heads – Many of the best electric toothbrush manufacturers provide a variety of different brush heads available. These are generally all meant for different purposes: for example, some brushes have specialty sensitive heads that are meant for those with sensitive teeth. Others have polishing heads that clean, polish, and remove stains from the teeth. If you think that specialty brush heads might be useful to you, then be sure to pay attention to the different available kinds.

Some of these features may not be of interest to you, but it’s definitely worth considering them before looking at electric toothbrush ratings and deciding which is the right model for you.


Stories are passed down through the ages of historical figures being renowned for their great beauty, what’s surprising to think of, when put into context, is that the concept of oral hygiene is fairly new in the gran d scheme of things.

Several centuries ago, oral hygiene was comprised of cleaning the teeth with sticks, bones, and feathers, it wasn’t until 1938 that the modern nylon bristled toothbrush was created. The Second World War soldiers made cleaning their teeth with the toothbrushes in battle, because it was used to maintain health regulations, and they brought the habit home with them after the war ended. Government sponsored ads were created to promote using toothpaste and toothbrushes amongst the general population.

It seems that the first electric toothbrush to be successfully developed for manufacture and distribution was designed in 1954 in Switzerland by Dr Phillippe-Guy Woog. The brush was called the Broxodent, and it was initially manufactured in Switzerland and later in France by Broxo S.A.

During the American Dental Association’s centennial celebrations in 1959, E. R. Squibb and Sons Pharmaceuticals introduced the Broxo Electric Toothbrush (later known as the Broxo-Dent or Broxodent) to the US market.

The early Broxodent is said to have been a very sophisticated product: it was quite slim and compact, mainly because it was plugged into a standard wall outlet and didn’t rely on the bulky batteries that were available in the 1960s. The main criticisms about the Broxodent was that they sometimes grew quite warm with prolonged use, and if the cord ever failed the entire machine had to be thrown out- a very expensive thing to do. However, the Broxodent sometimes lasted up to 20 years!

The brand ran into problems in the 1990s because the model still ran on mains power, rather than using step-down transformers to run the toothbrush on low voltage (much safer in a bathroom!). Broxo did develop a low voltage model: however, the presence in the marketplace of excellent quality competitors (mainly from Braun and Phillips), and the fact that Broxo toothbrush heads were not interchangeable between models, meant that the brand fell into decline.

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