Advantages of an Electric ToothBrush over a Traditional One


There are several toothbrushes from Braun Oral B, most of which have become very popular. One of the best things about the products from this company is that they are made for all kinds of budgets. Here we are going to see some products from Braun Oral B which have got the best electric toothbrush ratings at present.

The Oral B Triumph 9400 is the best rated product from their oeuvre. This toothbrush is found by dental hygiene experts to be able in removing more than 99% of plaque deposited on the teeth with its new technology known as the Deep Clean mode. The toothbrush has another technology known as Smart Guide, which helps it to navigate even the most inaccessible areas of the mouth. It has pressure sensors as well, another new development from the company, which tells the user whether or not the right kind of pressure is being applied on the teeth. This is indicated through a visual alert.

Some other features with this Oral B toothbrush are that it gives an alert when its head needs replacing and that it has 4 different cleaning modes, which are known as Daily Clean (the regular mode), Sensitive Clean (for people with sensitive teeth and gums), Deep Clean (for thorough cleaning, the most intense mode) and Whitening.

Next in line is the Oral B Professional Care. This has the SmartGuide technology as well. It is best known for its pulsation mode, which with 40 thousand pulsations a minute can clean even the most obstinate plaque deposition from the teeth. These toothbrushes have the patented pressure sensing technology as well. There are alerts when the head needs to be changed, another common feature across most Braun toothbrushes.

The Oral B Advance Power products also enjoy some of the best electric toothbrush ratings in the market today. They are especially known for a very different kind of navigability through their special oscillating and rotating technology. People who are looking for a very thorough cleaning and whiter teeth usually become quite happy when they use a toothbrush from this series.

Two of the most helpful feature of these Oral B toothbrushes is that they are resistant to water and that they have a timer which tell you when your brushing is done.

The Oral B Cross Action toothbrush also has good electric toothbrush ratings. This toothbrush helps whiten teeth and has an action cup attachment on its head which is meant to retain the toothpaste on it and slowly dispense it as the brushing continues. The toothbrush is quite aggressive on plaque as well.

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