6 Tips To Stop Tooth Sensitivity


Sensitive teeth can be very irritating and tend to get worse at the worst of times. When biting into a piece of chocolate cake or drinking an espresso with a friend, sensitivity can come about. If your teeth are sensitive, there are several simple but important steps you can take today to treat sensitive teeth:

1. Use Toothpaste Made for Sensitive Teeth

Toothpaste manufacturers offer specially formulated toothpastes that aim to help those with sensitive teeth. While this is a basic form of treatment, it is the easiest one to try. This toothpaste works by blocking the tubules found in dentin.
This toothpaste is no more expensive than any other toothpaste on the market and must be used regularly to help keep your sensitivity low.

2. Brush Correctly With Soft Brushes

Did you know that brushing too hard can actually harm the enamel on your teeth? In fact, those that apply too much pressure when brushing will actually wear down their teeth’s enamel making their sensitivity even worse.
The best choice is to choose a soft-bristle brush and brush lightly. If you are having trouble judging the amount of pressure you must apply during brushing, you can purchase electric tooth brushes that come with pressure sensors built-in. These brushes are the easiest to use and also allow you to time your brushing to the recommended two minute mark.

3. Reduce Acid Erosion

Do you like to drink soda or orange juice regularly? If so, the cause of your sensitivity may just be the foods you are eating. Foods that are highly acidic are known to break down the enamel of your teeth. This equates to further sensitivity and eventual tooth decay in some cases.
Instead, you will need to opt for foods and drinks that have a low acidic value. A glass of water is a much better choice than acidic fruits or fruit juices when sensitivity is an issue.

4. Put a Halt to Grinding

People that grind their teeth often do so without even knowing a problem exists. Teeth grinding normally occurs at night and can cause a myriad of dental problems. This grinding or clenching can also happen during the day and will wear down your teeth’s enamel quickly.
When it comes to grinding, the best option is to purchase a mouth guard meant for grinding, or visit a dentist to have a special mouth guard developed for you.

5. Use Fluoride

Fluoride-based products, such as toothpaste or mouthwash, should be used. Fluoride has been shown to strengthen enamel which will lead to less overall sensitivity. Mouthwash and toothpaste can be foun

6. Take care while consuming acidic foods

that can wear away tooth enamel, such as fruit juices, vinegar salad dressings and soft drinks.

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